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    Working principle of the system

    FMCS 系列變頻同步控制系統是一種閉環控制系統,是基于變頻控制技術 (VFDM) 與傳感器技術來控制千斤頂升降及準確定位??刂七^程無需考慮重物的中心分布,適用于對大型、重載結構進行整體頂升作業。

    FMCS series variable frequency synchronization control system is a closed-loop control system, which is based on the variable frequency control technology (VFDM) and sensor technology to control the lifting and accurate positioning of the jack.The control process does not need to consider the center distribution of heavy objects, which is suitable for the overall lifting operation of large and heavy load structures.

    VFDM 技術實現了真正意義上的連續流量調節,通過連續改變電機的轉速來調節流量的大小。因此變頻控制技術在平穩性和可靠性方面要高于同類型的其他系統。

    VFDM technology realizes continuous flow regulation in real sense, which can adjust the flow rate by continuously changing the speed of the motor.Therefore, frequency conversion control technology is higher in stability and reliability than other systems of the same type.

    每個控制點兼有壓力和位移雙重控制系統 ,可實現同步升降、同步頂推、重載稱重、等比例升降、姿態調整等多種功能?;?/span>PLC 控制的同步頂升系統減少了重量分布不均和不同頂升點間負載轉移造成的折彎,扭曲和傾斜的危險。

    Each control point has dual pressure and displacement control system, which can realize synchronous lifting, synchronous pushing, heavy load weighing, etc.The synchronous jacking system based on PLC reduces the risk of bending, twisting and slanting caused by uneven weight distribution and load transfer between different jacking points.



    The double pump system is adopted to achieve the function of high speed zero setting and smooth lifting.


    Complete computer control, lifting process without manual interference, the system automatically detects the lifting status and can be given according to the lifting situation;

    同步控制精度可以達到 0.1mm,同步頂升和同步下降都完全可控。

    The accuracy of synchronous control can reach 0.1mm, and synchronous jacking and synchronous descent are completely controllable.


    Each control point is relatively independent and the system pressure can be adjusted independently of each other.


    The main components of the system are famous international brands, and all seals are imported sealed.


    It has wide applicability and can be matched with single acting jack or double acting Jack.

    系統使用方便 , 液壓管路與液壓千斤頂以及液壓泵組連接全部采用快插式接頭。

    The system is easy to use, and the connection between hydraulic pipeline and hydraulic jack and hydraulic pump group is all made of quick plug-in joint.


    According to the working condition, the displacement sensor and pressure sensor can be selected to monitor the working condition of the system in real time.

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