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  • 歡迎光臨北京恩貝克商貿有限公司網站!本公司主營產品有液壓扳手、液壓油缸、拉伸器、液壓泵站、液壓扭矩扳手、液壓千斤頂等等,產品咨詢熱線:010-56521088




    The three-dimensional adjustment hydraulic system is mainly composed of three-dimensional jack, synchronous adjustment hydraulic system, displacement detection system and pipeline accessories. It is a special tool for lifting displacement. The main structure of three-dimensional jack is composed of three double-acting ultra-high pressure jacks, structural support and slideway. The main jack jack is equipped with a hydraulic safety valve to protect the load.

    該產品主要應用于船體焊接、鐵路、公路的橋梁或類似梁式重物的位移作業,進行低高度、短距離的垂直方向 (Y) 橫向 (X)和縱向 (Z) 的位移,該產品的滑動摩擦副由千斤頂座、立式千斤頂座上的不銹鋼滑板與立千斤頂座底部的聚四氟乙烯板組成、摩擦系數小且移動平穩。

    This product is mainly used for the displacement of hull welding, railway, highway bridges or similar beam-type heavy objects, and for the vertical (Y) lateral (X) and vertical (Z) displacement of low altitude and short distance. The sliding friction pair of the product consists of a jack seat, a stainless steel slide plate on the vertical jack seat and a PTFE plate at the bottom of the jack seat. The friction coefficient is small and the movement is stable.


    承載能力大,可調整 100 噸至 6000 噸的構件。

    The load capacity is large, and the components can be adjusted from 100 tons to 6,000 tons

    控制精度高,同步精度可以達到 0.5mm, 并且同步頂升和下降都可完全控制。

    The precision is high, the synchronous precision can reach 0.5mm, and the jacking and descending can be completely controlled.


    The product is flexible and can be controlled according to different conditions,cylinder tonnage and quantity,jacking accuracy.

    每個控制點相對獨立,可對一個或幾個控制點單獨調節 , 控制點之間互不干涉。

    Each control point is relatively independent and can be adjusted independently or several control points without interference.

    系統采用模塊化設計,可以控制 4、8、12、16,并且可以聯機控制擴展至 99 個點。

    The system adopts modular design, which can control 4, 8, 12 and 16, and can be extended to 99 points online.


    It has data storage and recording function to facilitate the generation of reports.


    The system control interface is simple, easy to operate and highly automatic

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